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The  Concourse d 'Elegance Coppet Switzerland June 2019

The Concourse d 'Elegance has presented its 4th edition at the beautiful Château in Coppet at the Geneva Lake on 22 & 23 of June 2019.

I had a great opportunity to enjoy it, thanks to the invitation of the Garage Style Magazine from the United States.

I have greeted the Swiss etiquette, which concludes with the remarkable mix of the automobile beauty, etiquette and, sometimes a dormant indecency.

It was nice warm and humid weather at the Geneva Lake. The refreshing drinks were waiting for us at the entrance.

We had two, with a straight-line view on two displayed brand new Bugatti’s.

It was even better than in the previous edition in 2017; cozier, nice line up with elegant lines also more intimate, with snacks and drinks, hospitality, reunion with acquaintances from the Ferrari circle, all proud of their brand.

The winner of this year was a Ferrari 250 GT Europa Vignale, in Bordeaux red; I spotted this car in 2011 at Villa D’Este Concurs D’elegance in Lago Como. It could be great if the jury values ​​the originality: originality that goes beyond specifications and color. The car is indeed stunning but I do value originality in all aspects. I guess the metallic red did not exist in the 50ties. Do you?

Natalia’s preferred car is the 1952 blue Ferrari Forza 1 owned by the lovely couple from the Unites States.

It is amazing, the amount of work done to restore the car to the original beauty.

No surprise, the garage where the car is stored has the equipment to keep the climate (a temperature and a humidity) constant.

The car has travelled back to Europe to be presented in the Concurs D ‘elegance in Lago Como in Italy, Ferrari museum, in the Coppet show in Switzerland and the private collection in the UK and then back to the United States. Great tour!

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