Zymol is a company that offers a complete Hand-Crafted TM Automotive Experience.


Zymol use nutritive oils and natural waxes to enhance your car's finish without harsh chemicals or abrasives.


The wax's main protective ingredient is rare Brazillian Carnauba. Extracted from tropical rain forests, Zymol uses up to ten times the amount of Carnauba than the industry standard.




Louiza Wax  & Shine is an Authorised Reseller of Zymol products.

Since my childhood, I was passionate about cars, motorbikes, boats, planes, and the interest grew only deeper with the years.


When I bought my first brand new car, Maserati 3200gt, I just wanted the best of the best for it.


It is was a great car back then in  1999 and for sure, the designer had planned for me that I want to keep it forever but keeping it forever in the new state I bought it!


Now, after 16 years, it is  still a great car to look at, 'it Feast your eyes' as it became rare now. 


When I get out of my car, people see me much different than when I get out of the trolley bus. 


The paint work of the Maserati didn't age nor the interior parts made from finest leather and  alcantara. Thanks to my care to all parts of the car.  The details create perfection but perfection is not a detail!


Zymol keeps the paintwork and finishes young, and with a great simplicity of application and romantic aroma's makes you addictive to care for your investment.


Zymol  would for sure be Michelangelo's choice ! 


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